The Harmful Power of Tooth Decay

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Tooth decay can wreak havoc on your oral health and teeth. In fact, tooth decay can lead to tooth loss, which would put a damper on anyone’s smile. That is why our dentist, Dr. Joseph Szymczak in Grand Rapids, Michigan, is here to talk to you about the destructive power of tooth decay, so you can get your cavities repaired and your smile restored.

Tooth decay can attack your smile at any time, even if you take all the defenses you can to prevent it. Did you know, sticky plaque bacteria can develop on your teeth and can eat away at your tooth enamel? Well, it’s true! If cavities are left untreated, the tooth decay will work through your teeth causing you a host of problems.

Usually, there is no sign or indication of increasing pain or sensitivity until the decay grows so broad or deep, it goes in the nerves of the tooth. Tooth decay can also spread very fast putting other teeth at risk as well. If you catch a cavity early, then your dentist may be able to restore your teeth quickly. If not, there are other options such as dental fillings or dental crowns to repair the damage. The central thing to remember about tooth decay is to correct it as soon as possible, so you can avoid long-term problems in your future.

As you can see, cavities can do more damage to your smile than most people expect. If you need help fighting your cavities, then call us today at 616-453-0002. Let our MI Roots Family Dental team help fight your battle against tooth decay for you.