Over time, small imperfections may develop in your smile. In order to repair these blemishes, Dr. Joseph Szymczak will use a special bonding material that adheres to teeth and fixes a wide range of cosmetic issues. First, the composite resin we use is matched to the color of your natural smile so that no distinction can be made between your natural tooth and the composite bond. The tooth is then roughened slightly so the resin material has an easier time adhering to the tooth. A gel is then applied to prepare the tooth for the bond. After this, the composite material is placed on the tooth and cured with UV light. When Dr. Szymczak has finished this process, he will then shape and polish the bond to give it a very natural look.

Because this procedure is so simple and straightforward, dental bonding in Grand Rapids, Michigan, can be performed to fix a variety of minor issues. While it can be used to repair the damage caused by some small cavities, our dentist can also use bonding techniques to adjust the alignment of teeth, repair chipped teeth and close any gaps between teeth.

If you have any questions about bonding or if you think your smile might be improved by dental bonding, please call MI Roots Family Dental at 616-453-0002 today.