It has been said that a dentist is only as good as their tools, which is why Dr. Joseph Szymczak uses the best ones available. In order to provide excellent dental care at MI Roots Family Dental, our dentist and team use advanced dental technology to customize your dental plan to accommodate your specific dental needs. Our digital X-rays and intraoral imaging allow our dentist to identify and treat problems before traditional methods would notice them. This allows Dr. Szymczak to keep small issues from ever developing into serious dental concerns. Additionally, we use computerized shade matching technology to ensure that any cosmetic work is nearly indistinguishable from your natural teeth.

Our office uses the very latest technology in our treatments as well. At our office, our dentist can use lasers to perform a wide range of treatments without the use of harsh tools. This minimizes the discomfort during the procedure and increases the accuracy with which our dentist can treat patients. The lasers use high energy beams of light to detect cavities, kill bacteria and even shape your gums.

For more information about how we use dental technology in Grand Rapids, Michigan, to improve your smile, please do not hesitate to call 616-453-0002 or visit our office. We would love to hear from you.