How Dental Labs Make Night Guards

How Dental Labs Make Night Guards

If you struggle with morning headaches or jaw pain, you might be hurting from bruxism, also known as nightly teeth grinding. We can develop you a special mouth guard (known as a night guard) that you wear while sleeping to prevent any teeth from grinding together; no one should have to hurt from bruxism if they don’t have to. To... read more »

Contact Sport Athletes with Braces Should Use a Quality Mouthguard

The braces installed by your orthodontist, Dr. Joseph Szymczak, are designed to be durable enough to handle the regular wear and tear of eating most basic foods. This durability does not extend to the potential blows to the face that can occur during rigorous athletics and contact sports. Complications during these instances can pose a serious threat to your braces... read more »

Different Mouth Guard Options

Contact sports are one of the most common ways to lose teeth. From football to hockey, you can chip a tooth or have it knocked out completely. Neither is a wanted outcome, but with the added protection of a mouth guard, you can enjoy your favorite sport without worrying that you're going to damage your pearly whites. There are many... read more »

Avoiding Bruxism

Many individuals grind their teeth sometimes. If teeth grinding, which is also called bruxism, only occurs occasionally, it usually does not harm the teeth. However, regular bruxism can damage the teeth and cause other dental health problems. Teeth grinding and clenching often occurs during sleep and can be caused by a misaligned bite, crooked or missing teeth, or a sleep... read more »

How to Protect Your Teeth from Wear

If you care for your teeth properly they can last a lifetime. This includes brushing, flossing, and visiting your dentist every six months for our routine cleaning. But, even if you do all of these things, there may still be more you can do. Your teeth can often be affected by typical wear and tear—but we’re happy to give you... read more »