A Crown Can Restore a Cracked Tooth

A Crown Can Restore a Cracked Tooth

The densely packed microscopic crystals that make up your tooth enamel is very strong and durable. Unfortunately, it’s still possible for something like a hard fall or a blow to the face to crack tooth enamel. A cracked tooth that causes pain is a clear sign that the crack extends into the interior of the tooth. Even if you have... read more »

See Your Dentist If You Experience These Signs

Oral health begins at home, daily attention to brushing, flossing, using a mouthwash to reduce bacteria, and of course, keeping up with dental cleanings. But, what happens if you experience dental problems in between visits. What are some signs that you may need to see your dentist? Headaches Morning headaches are often caused by nighttime teeth grinding. Also known as... read more »

Improved Smiles with Dental Crowns

Despite your best efforts, your tooth may become damaged or discolored. Because of an injury, your tooth may become chipped, cracked, or broken. Perhaps you have decay or a large dental filling that has severely weakened your tooth. In some cases, a tooth may be irregularly shaped or discolored. A patient with any of these dental problems can receive an... read more »