Smile Basics: Oral Emergencies

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If you ever suffer from an oral emergency, they can alter your smile in an instant. However, with effective treatment planning and emergency prevention techniques, you have a much greater chance of saving your smile and limiting any damage that may arise.

If you have suffered an oral emergency that has resulted in catastrophic damage to your jaw, do not panic. If a tooth has been knocked out, there may be a chance it can still be saved. Immediately find the tooth and place it in a tooth-saving liquid such as Save-A-Tooth or milk. Once stored in a liquid, take the tooth to your dentist where he may be able to reinsert it once again back into your mouth. If the tooth dries out, you won’t have very much success with it being reinserted.

If you have suffered from a tooth that was knocked loose, make sure to clean the area around the tooth if bleeding is present. Apply gauze pads to stop the bleeding. Rinse out the area of any debris to prevent the rise of infections.

If you notice signs of damage to your smile, fortunately, it can be treated. MI Roots Family Dental remains committed to your oral health. You are welcome to book an appointment with us by calling 616-453-0002. Stop by our dentist office in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and Dr. Joseph Szymczak and our team will give you the treatment you need. Don’t delay, now is the best time to upgrade your smile.