Oral Hygiene Topic: Dental Veneers

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Too much of a good thing can sometimes be risky, except in the case of smiles. They are the gift that just keeps on giving and the brighter and shinier they are, the more warmly received they can be. There’s no such thing as having too perfect of a smile, so consider upgrading yours today. With tooth restorations such as dental veneers, you can take your smile to new limits you may not have thought possible. Listed below are a few reasons why dental veneers improve smiles:

– Dental veneers can enhance the look of your smile.

– Veneers can cause your self-esteem to skyrocket and encourage a more positive self-image.

– Veneers can fill in holes in your smile left by lost teeth.

– Veneers are beneficial for making you look younger and feel younger too.

– Dental veneers are extremely durable and withstand heavy wear and tear for nearly ten years.

– Dental veneers can correct minor malocclusions and spacing issues with your teeth.

– Dental veneers can cover cracks, fractures, stains, and imperfections visible on the fronts of your teeth.

– A dental veneer can be placed on a single tooth or designed with veneers for each tooth of an entire row for a complete smile makeover.

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