Knowledge Foundation: Jaw and Facial Pain

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Are you aware of the symptoms associated with jaw and facial pain? If you continue to feel sensitivity, pain, or tenderness in your mouth, you could be suffering from chronic jaw and facial pain. There are several possible causes of your pain. In order to effectively treat jaw and facial pain, you will first need to understand what is causing the pain, so that appropriate treatments can be planned.

If you have chronic jaw and facial pain, it is important to visit your dentist for a comprehensive exam. Because it can be often difficult to detect the source of the pain the dentist may have to perform various tests to pinpoint the problem. Jaw and facial pain could be linked to the slow wear and tear and deterioration of your teeth and gums over time or to an accident or injury. If you are suffering from any sinus problems, arthritis or infections, you could be at an increased risk for jaw and facial pain. Furthermore, several oral health issues can contribute to jaw and facial pain, including toothaches, bruxism, TMJ disorders and periodontal disease. Several treatments are available to improve your smile. This could include medications such or anti-inflammatory drugs,muscle relaxants or muscle therapy and exercises. A night guard may also help.

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