Knowing Which Dental Bridge Is Right for Your Mouth

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If you recently made the decision to have a dental bridge placed in your mouth, you may be wondering what your options are. Our team is going to give you a brief look at the three different types of dental bridges that are used by dentists today.


Traditional bridges involve creating a crown for the teeth on either side of the gap and placing a false tooth or teeth between the crowns. Often times these crowns are called caps and can be supported by your natural teeth or by implants. The replacement teeth are attached to the crowns, which ultimately bridge the gap by filling the empty space.


This type of bridge is held in the mouth by one or more crowns on only one side of the space where teeth are missing. This dental bridge isn’t very common and is not recommended for the back teeth because the pressure and force can damage them or other teeth.

Maryland bonded

A Maryland bonded bridge, also called a resin-bonded or acid-etched bridge, consists of a metal or porcelain framework with wings on each side. These wings are bonded to the back of your existing teeth. The replacement or false tooth/teeth are also bonded to the metal framework.

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