Get Your Fill On Fillings

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One of your teeth has developed a cavity. Even if your tooth doesn’t hurt, it is important to treat this cavity as soon as possible to prevent other problems from developing, such as an abscess. However, before your cavity is treated, speak with your dentist about the different types of fillings available. Your dentist will determine the best one for your teeth, but here are three of the main options.


This kind of filling is the most common type used. Silver in color, it consists of metals such as tin, silver, copper, and mercury. Amalgam is the least expensive filling and very durable. Additionally, it is easier to place and hardens quickly.


Made of gold, copper, and other materials, this is the most durable filling available. Also known as an inlay or onlay, a gold filling can last for 20 years if not longer. However, it is the most expensive filling and may take longer to make.

Composite Resin

This filling is the best for cosmetic purposes. Made of glass, quartz, and other materials, it blends in with natural tooth colors. Though this type is becoming more popular, it is less durable than amalgam filling and more expensive. This type is also only used to fill small to medium sized cavities.