Dental Crowns and Why They Are Needed

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Are you ready to kick off the fall season with a spectacular smile? Enjoy the harvest season with a beautiful smile courtesy of dental crowns. With dental crowns, you can cover up problematic teeth that fail to live up to their aesthetic potential, as well as protect them from future damage that can arise, including from threats such as dental erosion and cavities. If you need dental crowns, consider the following:

– Dental crowns are an amazing choice when other cosmetic options may not be possible.
– Dental crowns can conceal and protect teeth that are damaged.
– Typically, a dental crown can last up to two decades, but it is possible if they are taken care of adequately, they can last an entire lifetime.
– Many other cosmetic dentistry treatments can be held or covered by dental crowns, including implants, bridges, and root canals.
– In some cases, a dental filling may need to be placed in a tooth to fix a cavity, but there may not be enough tooth remaining. In those situations, dental crowns can be used to cover the tooth for additional support.
– If you have any teeth that are cracked or broken, the bits of the tooth can be saved and bound together with dental crowns.

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