Debunking Myths About Root Canal Therapy

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Have you ever had a cavity filled? If you have, would you have a cavity filled again? Would you be surprised to hear that most patients who have had a cavity filled and have had root canal therapy say the two treatments are fairly comparable?

Still, root canal therapy has earned a bad reputation. For example, have you ever heard that you should avoid root canal therapy at all cost? While you should care for your smile to avoid the need for root canal therapy, you shouldn’t avoid the treatment if you do need it. If you have a damaged root canal which can only be addressed by root canal therapy, your tooth may ultimately die and need to be extracted.

Still, do you know how you can recognize a damaged root canal? There are actually several symptoms you can watch for, including pain and discomfort, pain when you chew, sudden sensitivity to temperature, and an unusual taste in your mouth. However, you also might have a damaged root canal without experiencing any of these symptoms. This is another reason we recommend scheduling regular appointments with us, as we can detect problems and in this case, save your tooth!  

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