An Infected Salivary Gland Needs Professional Treatment

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Healthy oral function relies on several different factors including strong teeth, healthy gums and other oral tissues. Your natural saliva production further plays a role in helping maintain a moist mouth when speaking and breathing, as well as helping to lubricate your food for efficient chewing and safe swallowing.

Saliva is generated by a series of salivary glands and delivered to the mouth by a vast array of saliva ducts. There are several possible things that can occur to interrupt healthy saliva production. Some of the more common issues are related to salivary stones, calcium deposits in a salivary duct or a salivary gland infection.

Sialadenitis is the technical term for a type of salivary gland infection that interrupts the natural flow of saliva from the gland to the duct. It can be linked to different factors, tobacco users and individuals who frequently consume alcohol can be at increased risk of developing sialadenitis.

Early symptoms of a salivary gland infection might manifest as a rapid swelling, pressure and discomfort in the soft tissues of the lower jaw. It might also be accompanied by acute dry mouth problems.

If you have noticed any of these symptoms starting to develop, you should not delay in seeking professional diagnosis and treatment from a dentist like Dr. Joseph Szymczak.

The treatment plan he presents might vary depending on the severity of the infection in the salivary gland. In a case where the infection is significant our dentist might provide you with a prescription for antibiotics to knock out the bacterial presence.

Salivary massage and sucking on lemon drops or Vitamin C lozenges might further help to stimulate saliva production to help clear the related ducts.

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