All About Teeth Grinding

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Teeth grinding is a dangerous habit that is also known as bruxism. Many people suffer from this habit and they don’t even know it. So how do you know if you grind your teeth? Well, if you ever wake up with a dull headache or sore jaw, chances are that you participate in the habit. If this is the case, please seek treatment as soon as possible.

To help you better understand teeth grinding, we have provided information on the causes, risks, and treatments associated with bruxism:

There are many things that can cause teeth grinding. Some of the causes include stress, anxiety, sleep disorders, an abnormal bite, missing teeth, or crooked teeth. For children, causes generally involve irritations in the mouth, allergies, and teeth misalignments. Even though teeth grinding is a very scary habit and it should be treated immediately, children tend to grow out of the habit by the time they are teens.

If you do not treat this dangerous habit, your teeth could be severely damaged. You will also suffer from dull headaches, jaw soreness, loose teeth, and fractured chompers.

Treatments for the teeth-grinding habit vary depending on the cause. Generally, night guards are the first treatment offered. Night guards should be worn while you sleep so when you clench and grind your teeth, your smile will be protected. Another treatment is relaxation medicine. This medicine will help you relax, which will help you avoid clenching and grinding. Other treatments include orthodontics, counseling, and exercise.

If you have any questions or if you would like to talk to Dr. Joseph Szymczak about your chances of participating in this habit, please call MI Roots Family Dental today and schedule an appointment. All you need to do is dial 616-453-0002 and we will be there to help you. We look forward to hearing from you!